Family Values. A Sermon Series on Mark 7-10

Every family has a set of values. Some families value time together. Others value experiences like camping or vacations. Many families value youth sports and other programming for their children. At the end of the season of Pentecost, we plan to return to the Gospel of Mark for Pentecost 16-23 to see, first of all, what Jesus values. Are our family values in line with Jesus’ values? Are our church’s values consistent with what Jesus cares about? Walk with Christ this Pentecost season as a family of believers as we deepen our understanding of our Family Values.

- Pastor Marques Nelson

Family Values
P16  Mark 7:31-37     Our family cares for people with disabilities
P17  Mark 8:27-35     Our family expects hard times
P18  Mark 9:30-37     Our family welcomes children
P19  Mark 9:38-50    Our family protects children
P20 Mark 10:2-16      Our family values healthy marriages
P21 Mark 10:17-27     Our family gets our priorities straight
P22 Mark 10:35-45   Our family serves the world
P 23 Mark 10:46-52  Our family follows Jesus


We hope this series is a blessing to your congregation! Coordinating artwork will soon be available in the shop.

Joining Jesus. A worship series for the season of Epiphany

Would you like to get to know Jesus? During the season of Epiphany, we are going to join Jesus and follow him through the Gospel of Mark. We’ll see Jesus calling people like us to join him, ordinary people, working class individuals, even skeptics. Joining Jesus draws us into discipleship. Watch as Jesus reveals himself to be true God and true man as he unleashes his power help the hurting, heal the sick, and destroys the devil. We pray that this Epiphany journey with Jesus in his glory will prepare you for joining him in the darkness of his suffering during Lent.

1/7/18 - 2/11/18                       Joining Jesus...

Epiphany 1 - Mark 1:4-11      Through Baptism
Epiphany 2 - John 1:43-51    Despite Skepticism
Epiphany 3 - Mark 1:14-20    Called to Follow
Epiphany 4 - Mark 1:21-28    Resisting Satan
Epiphany 5 - Mark 1:29-39    Saved to Serve
Transfiguration Mark 9:2-9    Hang onto the Glory

 Click to get the artwork for this worship series.

Click to get the artwork for this worship series.